The Issues

Health Care

The HHS (Health & Human Services) budget is historically the fastest growing part of our state budget. It supports nursing homes, services for the disabled, welfare programs, and many other services and grants. Much of this budget is tied to federal dollars and mandates forcing Minnesota to get permission from Washington DC to reform our programs. In spite of these challenges, we must get HHS spending under control and reform our programs.

We begin by protecting the critical safety net for our seniors and the disabled. Seeking Medicare waivers will allow us to use the best ideas in Minnesota to care for those most in need while protecting our taxpayer dollars.

Implementing best practices from other states and the private sector will help us provide the best services for the least cost.

Our welfare programs should be a hand up, not a hand out. Reforming these programs to encourage work and stabilizing families will help every Minnesotan achieve their full potential. We must continue the efforts to stop waste, fraud, and abuse started under Republican majorities.