The Issues

Met Council

I’ve called the Met Council a “headless beast,” but I’ve determined that this is unfair to headless beasts.
Nearly everywhere I go, I am asked about the Met Council, and what I will do to put a stop to this unaccountable, out of control body that has been wreaking havoc on our state, and particularly the metro region, for decades.

So I want to be clear about what I will do as governor:

  • In one of my first act as governor, I will appoint members to the Met Council who share my philosophy of responsible, conservative governance.
  • I will restore some oversight to the Council, so never again will Minnesotans be taxed by a body that they do not elect, and over whom they have no ability to control or hold accountable.
  • I will return the Met Council to its original purpose, “buses and flushes.” Outside of that, the Met Council has no business meddling in the lives of Minnesotans.

Now, I’ll always tell you the truth, so unlike some of my opponents, I will not promise to “abolish” the Met Council, because I will not have the power to do that. Unfortunately, regardless of who is elected governor in 2014, that individual will be working with a Democrat-controlled Senate. The chances of a Democrat-controlled Senate passing legislation to abolish the Met Council are almost nonexistent. I will never lie to you, or make you a promise that I can’t keep.

So to be clear, I intend to reduce, significantly, the role and power of the Met Council, and to appoint members to the Council who share our conservative beliefs. And in 2016, if Minnesota voters elect a Republican-controlled Senate, we’ll finish the job and eliminate the Met Council once and for all.